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Since its start late 2011, ZenneZ Records is on an average of two releases a year. As long as it’s jazzy and groovy and funky and rocky with flavors of blues, pop and world, it’s ZenneZ.

For sure, 2014 was a great year with releases of Hybris, Nehir and Polder. The compilation cd 'ZoundZ Vol. 1' had its premiere at Jazzahead 2015.

For sure, 2015 started great with the release of Ripples by Stephanie Francke.

For sure, we are open to new ideas and demos.

You will find all of our catalogue at our webshop.

logo painted dog 256x256Painted Dog Records is our trusted distributor in the physical world, offering you a fine selection of stores and partners in many territories (EU, USA and Asia).


logo believe digital 256x256Digital distribution is covered by our account with UK-based Believe Digital, the fast growing digital distribution network to all major platforms worldwide.